Victims, lawmakers rally on S.C. state house steps against drunk-driving

COLUMBIA, SC (WTOC) -Victims of drunk driving and South Carolina lawmakers were on the steps of the state house on Tuesday as they push to crack-down on drunk driving in South Carolina.

They voiced their support for bills in the house and senate that would propose changes to ignition interlock laws in South Carolina. The big change would be all convicted DUI offenders would have to put an ignition interlock device on their vehicles.

Right now, judges are required to order all repeat offenders and first-time offenders with a bac of .15 or greater to install an ignition interlock. Governor Henry Mcmaster wants to see something on his desk so he can sign it into law.

“Sometimes it takes months and years and hearings to figure it out,” Governor McMaster said. “In this particular instance of drunken driving, the jury is in, the facts are in. The more we examine it, the worse it gets. This something we can do in just weeks.”

Some say they are worried about the cost and what kind of impact it could have on those that need to drive to work, but can’t afford to put in an ignition interlock system.

Mothers against drunk driving says in 2018, ignition interlocks blocked more than 1,700 drunk driving attempts.

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