CSRA teens meet VP Mike Pence and gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp

Hundreds attend VP Mike Pence’s Grovetown campaign rally for Brian Kemp

CSRA teens meet VP Mike Pence and gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp

AUGUSTA, GA. (WFXG) - A sea of people who want to see Georgia Republican Brian Kemp in the Governor’s Mansion showed up to support him at his Grovetown, Georgia rally.

The crowds outside spoke for anticipation in the CSRA - Eventbrite confrirms people snapped up at least 1,200 tickets.

It was headlined by one of his most well-known supporters, Vice President Mike Pence.

“Mike Pence brought the house down today and it goes to show, there is no blue wave coming but it is a red wave and we are going to make america great again," said C.J. Pearson.

Sixteen-year-old C.J. Pearson, a local prominent conservative online personality, said this rally proves Kemp is fighting for a better America - for kids just like him.

“You know, What I heard today was a man, the Vice President, endorsing another individual who’s a proven conservative. A man who’s been on the front lines of this movement fighting for a better Georgia and a better America," Pearson told FOX 54.

C.J. and his friend, Matt - who just turned 18, the legal age to vote - said both said education was an important topic they wanted to hear the politicians address - and they did.

Matt Wilson said, “We definitely all feel the same way about our education, we want to protect students, protect Georgia and give our students in the sate the best opportunities that they’re able to have.”

Both boys got the VIP treatment and met the men behind the mission - Pence and Kemp. They took selfies with their idols - an unforgettable experience

Matt said, “He looked me in the eyes, shook my hand and he told me that he was working for me and that he was proud to see me out here.”

C.J. explained, “To have him shake my hand and say 'C.J. you’re the real deal’, you know, that was pretty cool to hear. so, I gotta say he was an amazing guy, amazing to me.”

They said they’re fired up about the election, that’s five days away. C.J. describes himself as the “left’s youngest nightmare” - isn’t even old enough to vote yet - And Matt said he’s looking forward to voting in his first election.

Both said they were energized and inspired by Thursday’s rally - and throw their support behind Brian Kemp.

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