AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WFXG) - Remembering a Midland Valley basketball coach who is described as a mentor, a husband, and a friend.

Known as coach Ike, Raymond Hicks was well known not only on the court but also in the community and on Wednesday his players, family, and friends celebrated his life.

“Raymond is who we put to rest, but Ike will stay with us forever,” says Dontay Taggett.

Coach Ike’s wife said there was no other way to remember her husband than with company, food, and of course basketball.

Monica Hicks says, “He’s an amazing man, father husband, so it just speaks for itself.”

Coach Ike was a mentor to many.

“He was a great coach at the same time. He taught us a lot of things and a lot about the game and helped us become the people we are today,” said one of his player, Tyler Nipper.

And a role model to even more.

“I knew him growing up, he inspired me to want to coach and make his legacy live on. Long live coach Ike,” said mentee, Shaniqua Parker.

To celebrate his life, the community prayed… and played

“What you did today, what you did for all of these kids, that’s a glimpse of who the person he was, the man he was, the man he will always be in our heart, that’s big guy to me, so love you Ike, I always will brother,” said Taggett.

All who were there say Raymond Hicks leaves a lasting legacy as Coach Ike.

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