AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WFXG) - Some big changes may be coming to the schools of Aiken County including renovations and new school buildings.

In November the Aiken County community will vote to renew the education capital project sales tax, a cent tax used to renovate and improve the schools in Aiken County.

The Aiken County Board of Education met to discuss what projects might take place over the next few years.

Many board members agreed that the high schools should be a main focus for these funds. On Tuesday night they voted on a resolution to renovate South Aiken High School, Midland Valley High school, and Silver Bluff High School, as well as add to and renovate to North Augusta Middle School.

Up until February of this year the one cent sales tax has raised over $200 million for Aiken County School Projects.

If renewed in November, Aiken County Schools will have more funds to push towards bettering the district.

The school board is already planning on what to do with this money.

 “My comment is i feel like the most bang for the buck are the high schools because all students eventually end up in those high schools,” said District 4 Board Member, Barry Moulton.  

And most of the board members agree.

They also want to work on North Augusta Middle School and voted on a resolution to add and renovate.

Once those 4 project resolutions passed, they also discussed and voted majority to add a needed elementary school in area 3 to account for the growth in the area.

District 3 board member, Brian Silas says, “I think we have to respond to the need to elementary capacity in area 3, so for me that’s a new school in area 3.”

After funding these 5 projects, the board members also talked about additional projects if there is more money than projected.

These projects include roofing throughout the district, security vestibule and door lock upgrades, Byrd Elementary classroom additions, replacement of Greendale Elementary, and new class rooms in Gloversville Elementary.

While these 5 projects and the contingency projects were approved tonight as resolutions, they will all officially be voted on at the next board meeting. Then if they are approved, they will go on the ballot in November as the projects that will be funded by the education capital project sales tax.

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