COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WFXG) - Some parts of the csra saw up to eight inches of rainfall over the weekend. And this week brings the potential for more downpours.

So, we checked in with Columbia County officials to see how they’re preparing areas that may be prone to flooding.

On Saturday, several driveways along William Few Parkway turned into creeks. Residents say it highlights the need for improved drainage systems in the residential area.

“I’ve been told in the past that it’s a 100 year flood, that doesn’t do anything to soothe the soul when you’re standing in water up to your knees,” resident James Pennington says.

Over the weekend, James Pennington experienced the worst storm he’s seen in the six years he’s lived on William Few Parkway. The weather resulting in a 4-foot deep hole in his shared driveway that had to be filled in by the county.

“They did a temporary fix so that we could get in and out, in case my wife who is handicap needed to go to the hospital,” Pennington says.

Pennington explains the spillover drainage system on his property doesn't function properly. It’s something Columbia County Engineering Services is evaluating.

“I’m going to look at that design and make sure it’s adequate, make sure there’s no modifications we can do to pull additional storm water off of that ditch," Engineering Services Director, Kyle Titus says. "Now, that said, it was a 100-200 year storms, so there’s not a lot I can do from an engineering stand point to address that economically.”

Pennington and his next door neighbor, Becki Woodhams have invested thousands in their driveway, but the storm undid all of their work.

With more rainfall expected, they’re asking for attention from Columbia County to fix the issue.

“The best solution is that they reevaluate the spillage that’s at the end of my property, which is where it’s supposed to go and evaluate why it doesn’t work the way it should, even on our normal spring rains and get that fixed so that this doesn’t continue to happen,” Woodhams says.

The county assures Fox54 the known locations for flooding have been cleaned out to ensure things are flowing correctly, and they will continue to keep an eye on them as more rainfall comes in.

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