NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WFXG) - Many communities across the CSRA and the nation are celebrating the Fourth of July. However, one of the most unique events took place earlier Thursday in North Augusta.

The City of North Augusta is celebrating Independence Day by taking a trip through time to the Living History Park.

“We are celebrating the Fourth of July by reading the Declaration of Independence which would have been done in towns throughout the former colonies,” said Mike Adams, Board of Directors for the Living History Park.

Thursday’s gathering included a parade and a competition for “the most patriotic kid and dog,” with Miss Gianna winning first along with the pup named “Harlem.” 

“We are keeping history, we are teaching it. Unfortunately too much of our history has been lost. And to be able to come back to how this country was founded and the principles this country was founded on. For kids to see that and do it in a fun way is awesome,” said North Augusta Mayor Briton Williams. 

Children had the chance to learn about America's rise to independence in 1776, and how the nation lived during the colonial times. One of the stops: the blacksmith.

“We are actually demonstrating some Blacksmithing techniques that go back several hundreds of years. We had five blacksmithing shops in the Augusta area during colonial times. Because the blacksmith was so important to the whole development of the community,” said the blacksmith. 

We asked the community what fourth of July means to them.

“The fourth of July stands for freedom,” said one of the kids.

“It's what makes America, America. So many places in the world that don't have independence or freedom. We are blessed to live in this country of freedom,” said Dwayne Boudreaux.

With all the fun surrounding the Fourth of July, many showed up to remember the true meaning of Independence Day.

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