AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - U.S. Senator Jon Ossoff is continuing his work to establish Augusta as a national cybersecurity hub and strengthen the cybersecurity workforce. On Monday, he brought White House National Cyber Director Harry Coker Jr. to the Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center.

The meeting with key cybersecurity leaders allowed Senator Ossoff to highlight Augusta's leading role in cybersecurity in both the public and private sectors.

According to Senator Ossoff, the future is bright and the momentum is still building.

The passage of the Fort Eisenhower Cyber Enhancement Act means $163 million in upgrades area on the way to the Fort Eisenhower Cyber Center of Excellence.

“I don’t think we can overstate what a momentous day this is for Augusta," Senator Ossoff says. "We have the senior most cyber security official in the United States here, first hand, demonstrating the national recognition that Augusta is a national cyber security capitol.”

Augusta was recently designated a national workforce hub and a national tech hub. White House National Cyber Director Harry Coker Jr. is visiting to understand how to continue to invest in the city's future.

In Georgia, there are nearly 15,000 open cyber jobs.

“To meet this cyber workforce challenge, we know that the best solutions come not solely from Washington, but from innovative partnerships and ideas in communities like yours," Coker says. "I’ve been across the country looking to learn and share the best practices that can benefit the whole country and best practice are what we saw in spades here today at the Georgia Cyber Center.”

Finally, an investment from the National Science Foundation to Augusta University marks a tremendous milestone.

“At the end of the day, this is a whole new frontier for innovation and for workforce development and for talent creation, for helping folks move up the socioeconomic ladder," Erwin Gianchandani, Assistant Director for Technology, Innovation and Partnerships says. "Most importantly, it’s a whole new pathway for ensuring that the U.S. is competitive in cyber security and our security is what’s at stake at the end of the day.”

The groups next stop was the Army Cyber Center of Excellence at Fort Eisenhower to meet with members of Army Cyber Command and NSA Georgia.

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