LINCOLN COUNTY, Ga. - A special event marked the beginning of a season of hope and joy for children battling cancer.

Camp Rainbow, a cherished tradition for patients at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia, officially started, offering a week-long retreat filled with activities.

Kaci Johnson, a generous donor to the camp, emphasized its significance, stating, "It’s a special place for these children to come out to camp and have an experience that they can’t have anywhere else."

Kaci and her husband Duncan are among many who contribute to the camp, inspired by their own son's victorious battle against cancer.

For the kids attending Camp Rainbow, the opportunities are endless. From kayaking to rock climbing, completing rope courses, and much more, every moment is filled with adventure and excitement.

Morgan Johnson, who has been attending the camp since childhood and now serves as a counselor, expressed the profound impact of the experience. "I just remember getting off the bus and seeing those smiling faces of the counselors. Being super nervous to be here and they just made me feel at home," she shared. "I definitely had a full circle moment today waving and having our cabin come meet us. It’s just crazy that… I’m at the other side now."

Beyond the thrill of outdoor activities, Camp Rainbow offers something even more invaluable: connection. Campers have the opportunity to meet other children facing similar challenges, fostering bonds that provide strength and support.

Onsite medical professionals ensure that children receive necessary treatments while still being able to partake fully in the camp experience.

Kim Allen, the director of Camp Rainbow, emphasized the importance of this balance, stating, "It’s a difference between seeing them in the hospital when they go through treatments. Worry about taking medicine, or chemotherapy and they just come out here and they worry about being a kid, and that’s really what we do."

As Camp Rainbow kicks off, it starts the series of camps catering to patients at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia throughout the month.

The next few camps will happen on the following dates:

June 23-27: Camp Joint Venture for kids living with rheumatic conditions
June 12-13: Camp Wheeze-N-Sneeze for kids living with asthma, and Camp Kidney Bean for kids with living kidney disease
June 26-27: Camp Strong Heart for kids living with heart conditions


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