FORT EISENHOWER, Ga. (WFXG) - June is Army Heritage Month and Fort Eisenhower celebrated the diversity in the United States Army, Thursday morning on the installation. 

“Honoring the past, and defending the future” was this year's theme.

“At one point in time, we did not have these observances. And now that we have them, everyone is included. And now that everyone is included, it makes the Army more diverse,” said Aukia Dickerson, Equal Opportunity Advisor.

The presentations included Women's History and Equality Day, Hispanic Heritage, MLK Day, Juneteenth, Black History, Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage, LGBTQI+ Pride, and Native American Indian Heritage.

“What you saw today was a demonstration from January being MLK day all the way to November being Native American Heritage Month, and we saw everyone in between,” said Antonio Lindo, Military Equal Opportunity Program Manager.

Minorities make up over a third of the Army, according to Army enlistment.

The program is to unite all the Army Heritage and celebrate diversity as a whole.

“We are all one. We should all be created equal, and we are created equal in God's eye. And we are equal in every opportunity we have moving forward,” said Sgt. James Walker, Fort Shafter 307 Signal Battalion.

But the celebration doesn't stop there, the Army’s 249th birthday is June 14th. 

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