COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WFXG) - At Tuesday night's Columbia County Commission meeting, there were multiple traffic additions discussed for the safety of residents. Three resolutions were approved to move onto a second reading regarding the placement of street lights in certain neighborhoods in the county.

"The street lights are being requested through our street light procedure, its on our website, but residents and other people in certain areas can request street lights. If you request it we'll put together a petition package for you, you'll go around to your neighbors and see if they want street lights as well, " expressed  Engineering Services Division Director, Kyle Titus.

Citizens of the Jones Mill Neighborhood have requested this addition to improve safety in their area.

"Folks in urban areas want street lights for security, it's a little safer, not just for security and crime, but for driving at night. I think they have some aesthetic draw to them as well, " explains Titus.

Developers of Misty Meadows, Kelarie, Ivy Falls West, Wrights Farm, Highland Lakes and River Island area were required to obtain the approval of street lights. All of these resolutions were approved to move onto the second reading for approval in a meeting coming up in two weeks. If approved, Georgia Power will be notified, and they will proceed with the installation. Residents will be charged a yearly street light fee of $60 for neighborhoods in construction and $100 for neighborhoods that are fully developed.

Another topic of discussion at the commission meeting was the addition of a mini-roundabout at the intersection of Riverwood Parkway and General Wood Parkway.

Titus says, "We've had several residents reach out to us regarding the safety and operation of that intersection especially during a.m. and p.m. peak hours, during those times it gets heavily congested. We've studied that area heavily. We looked at signal warning analysis, all way stop analysis and couldn't find anything that met well that improved serviceability. So what we did at a staff level, we designed a mini roundabout which is a 90 foot inscribed circle."

The commission asked engineering to look at the finer details of the design so the roundabout will operate smoothly.

In two weeks, Columbia County Engineering will bring back the revised roundabout design. If approved, they hope to have it installed before school starts back in August.

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