AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - A big win for one Augusta school with two of their teams making it to the State Championship, The Westminster Boys Soccer Team bringing home a victory, and another state title.

The varsity girls played a tight game losing by a score of one to zero.

As for the boys, another trophy and state title for the school. A victory by one point, with a score three to two. 

Joshua Romero, says it was a team effort to bring home the trophy, no one person could do it alone.

“It was hard communicating with everyone, because everyone's tired and dead, but at half time the coach spoke life into us and he really brought the best out of us,” said Romero, Defensive Player of the Year. 

This star player was out for the majority of the season with an injury, but says he needed to be there for his team.

“A lot of my friends and teammates motivated me to get back out there and be there for the team. Because I was diagnosed out for the season. And I was like there is no way. No way.”

Being a Westminster player, does not just stand out in their school… but in their community. 

“It just means a lot to the community and it means a lot to the alumni. When you put on the Westminster Wildcat jersey it means something. And our boys know that. That they are standing on the shoulders of great players before them. So when you step on the field you better be battling. And as long as there's time on the clock you better get after it,” said Westminster Boys Varsity Coach, Shawn Brower. 

And they did just that, with another key player, their goalie, Henry Campbell, who not only saved a penalty kick that won the game, but also scored a penalty kick in double overtime.

Congratulations to all of the Westminster players for making it to the state championship. 



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