AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - With the reopening of Piedmont’s Summerville Campus, hospital officials say it will bring more accessible healthcare to those in the surrounding communities.

More than a year ago, the Piedmont Hospital Summerville Campus closed and converted to an all outpatient care facility.

Now with a top-of-the-line CT scanner, equipped intake rooms, and a fully staffed emergency department, Piedmont Augusta CEO Lily Henson says the Summerville Campus is ready to serve patients.

 “We've heard loud and clear from our neighbors that they miss our community hospital just down the street from them. Being able to access and really needed folks don't like driving downtown. And so, knowing that they can come here and get here when they have an infection or when they have something that can be managed. That was, that isn't major trauma is something that's really needed for this community,” said Henson.

The renovated emergency department has 15 new beds with rooms designated for ambulance, rapid care, and orthopedic patients.

Along with the 12 inpatient beds added, the hospital also has brand-new radiology equipment including x-ray machines, ultra sound, and a new MRI machine coming this summer.

Executive director of Piedmont Summerville, Nick Wood says “we wanted to make sure we have the best top-notch quality equipment here at the Summerville campus so that when a patient comes here, they know that they're getting that quality, safe, top standard care here at Summerville candidates that were provided at our Augusta campus too.”

And when a patient is more critical and needs to be transferred to the Augusta campus, Summerville made sure to be equipped for that as well.

Hospital officials say they hope with the reopening of this campus, ambulance and emergency room wait times will decrease.

Henson says, “We know that just like everyone else, labor is a problem and so sometimes waiting for an ambulance in the community can take a long time. And so, that's why we made the decision to ensure that we have an ambulance that's specifically dedicated to this facility and will be here 24/7.”

The exam rooms are fully stocked and ready to take patients as early as Thursday morning at 7 am.

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