New Federal clean truck standards: a step towards cleaner air

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - The Environmental Protection Agency plans to help the environment by reducing emissions from heavy-duty vehicles like delivery trucks and buses.

In March, the EPA issued a final rule to revise existing standards to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions for model years 2027-2032.

Greenhouse Gas emissions are gases in the atmosphere that raise the surface temperature of planets.

These new standards signify a substantial step toward cleaner air and a sustainable future across the CSRA and beyond. 

According to Officials, transitioning to cleaner trucks will support the economy and enhance public health. 

"It will create actually 2 million jobs and 1.3 trillion dollars in revenue." Said, Georgia State Senator Harold Jones

Speakers like Senator Jones and Paige Brockmeyer with the environmental group Citizens Climate Lobby are urging leaders to defend these new standards.

"I think this rule Just helps accelerate the change that we need to grow" Brockmeyer states.

Registered Nurse, Bridge Brown attended the event, she spoke about the health impacts of greenhouse gas emissions.

"In the tailpipe ignition, there are particulate matter and nitric oxides... That is often the precursor to asthma, bronchitis, and COPD." Brown explains.

According to EPA, the standards will apply to vehicles such, as delivery trucks, haulers, utility trucks, and transit. 

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