AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - It’s the 2024 Hurricane Preparedness Week across the nation and an important time to make sure you have all the emergency supplies you would need if disaster strikes.

The start of hurricane season is just weeks away and experts believe it will be a busy one. Although the CSRA is not on the coast, there are still a number of consequences that can follow in the event of a hurricane. 

Hurricane season begins June 1st, with a peak on September 15th, and an end November 30th. However, a hurricane or any severe weather event can happen at any time, as long as the conditions are in favor for that storm.

“We are inland here of course but that doesn't mean we are not at risk for hurricanes and tropical storms. Inland flooding is one of the greatest dangers associated with these systems. So already understand the risks where you live,” said John Quagliariello, Warning Coordination Meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

Knowing an evacuation route is critical for all weather events. However, when it comes to hurricanes, flooding is a major concern.

The American Red Cross suggests getting to high ground if your home suffers flooding, but also stay in interior rooms to avoid the wind shear. 

“Its really important that people start thinking about how they can prepare for hurricane season because you don't want to try to scramble at the last second. So that's the purpose of this week. So we advise people to do three main things: Build a kit, make an evacuation plan, and stay informed, those are the three main things people can do,” said Susan Everitt, with the Augusta American Red Cross.

You can buy pre-made emergency supply kits and first aid kits at many local stores, or you can make one from scratch.

“For your evacuation kit, you really need to make sure you can be self-sufficient for up to three days. So that's having water, non-perishable food items, flash lights, cell phone chargers, cause you might not have electricity, and contact information. That way you can get in contact with people and know where they may be,” said Everitt.

Remember to stay weather aware, and you can do so by downloading the FOX54 Weather App. 

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