AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - Renovations on the Bell Auditorium are coming along, with the building set to re-open on May 28th. These renovations are a part of Augusta's Entertainment Complex plan. 

These plans also include a new James Brown Arena. 

Orange cones, construction workers, and caution tape have been seen at the auditorium for months.

The auditorium will be completed in time for its first show on May 31st.  

Now, the Bell Auditorium, funded by SPLOST dollars allocated by the commission, stands as an example of what Augusta’s entertainment district can offer to citizens and tourists.

"We doubled the number of restrooms for men and women on both sides of the bowl, versus the men on one side and the women on the other." Brad Usry, Vice President of Augusta Coliseum Authority 

Other upgrades include expanded VIP offerings. Other new features, officials anticipate, will draw new and bigger acts to the Garden City, such as an elevator and an improved layout for the dressing rooms.

Usry says that he hopes this will boost the spirits of citizens for the new JBA

"Seeing what's happened with the Bell. I think this will really get people pumped up," Usry said.

FOX54 spoke with Amy Donaldson the owner of Augusta Candle Co, about how this will affect her and the businesses around her. 

"Anything that is coming downtown is good for us. I'm really excited but bringing people downtown will help businesses downtown and the whole district." Donaldson explained. 

The ribbon cutting for the Bell Auditorium is currently set for May 28th. 

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