COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WFXG) - Club Car has been a company producing small vehicles, from golf carts to cars for over 65 years, and went electric in the last two decades.

Today was the ribbon cutting and took place at a new manufacturing facility. The ceremony included a visit from Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

“90 percent of the world's golf and small vehicles are made right here in the peach state, with 85 percent of those being electric vehicles,” said Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp.

Electric vehicles and renewable energy are on the rise across the nation, and Thursday marked a celebration for the expansion and new facility for Club Car..

The new manufacturing plant is located on the outskirts of Columbia County: Appling, Georgia. 

“A lot of our customers are trying to meet their green or sustainability or carbon footprint reduction goals. And this is a product in which they can do that. So what is interesting about this utility vehicle, most of the sales that we have had are replacing gas vehicles, ” said CEO and President of Club Car, Mark Wagner.

This facility also means job growth in Appling and the CSRA, with even more planned in the future.

“Club Car is certainly a great example of that path. Having grown from its founding in 1958 to now employing 1,700 people worldwide, and 1,300 of those people right here in Georgia,” said Gov. Kemp.

“Financially for the region, this was 40 jobs for the rate from the beginning of inception and about eight million dollars of investment just to get to this point. And continuing as we have expansion plans inside this facility,” said Wagner.

The site has the capability of producing up to 20 electric vehicles per day, with the first one expected to be completed out of the Appling manufacturing plant today, according to officials.

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