RICHMOND COUNTY, Ga. (WFXG) - This is a special year for cicadas. But if you don't like bugs, this may not be your favorite summer! It is starting to get noisy!

Two species of the bugs are emerging across the South and Midwest that only come out together every 220 years, and the CSRA is one of the communities you may witness this rare sighting.

“So this year, we have our regular annual cicadas which come out every year, but we have a special year because we have thirteen year old cicadas emerging as well,” said Camilla Sherman, with Phinizy Swamp Nature Park.

These cicadas are called the Southern Brood, which emerge from the ground once every 13 years. And they leave a bit of a mess behind with their shells!

“There will be empty shells all over the place, and they have little pieces on their legs that will be really fun to play with,” said Sherman.

And visitors are already starting to see them around the Phinizy Swamp Nature Park.

“One lonely cicada shell, hanging off the bridge, had emerged and left,” said Miachelle & Maynard Breese visiting the park, “Someone showed up early to the party but there is more coming!”

And they are coming, with up to a trillion expected to make their way to the surface during this infrequent  occurrence. 

But don't fear if you see one, or touch one!

“They are not harmful to us, our pets, or our plants,” said Sherman, “It's possible it could land on you, your house or your dog, but you don't need to panic, just brush it off or place it on a tree.”

These cicadas are expected to stick around through late June and July. 

So when it starts getting loud outside… that's why!

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