AIKEN, S.C. (WFXG) - Senator Lindsey Graham spoke this morning about this year's federal budget for South Carolina and how the funding will be split across the state, and Aiken is on the list.

Aiken has received some of the budget to improve the city.

“When a community is on the trajectory that Aiken is on, you have to get ahead of your water and sewer problems,” said Senator Lindsey Graham.

Population and infrastructure in Aiken continues to grow every year, and with the city expanding, sewer and water treatment become a priority.

“So we’ve got seven and a half million dollars in the latest federal budget coming to this community to upgrade the Croft mill sewer basin improvement. This means less septic tanks. You’ll have more capability to be able to hook onto a system. And so that's seven and a half million dollars that goes into water and sewer treatment so that Aiken can grow safely,” said Sen. Graham.

In the past, Aiken residents have expressed concerns over discolored water, explained by city officials at the time that it was due to the water plants expansion.

Another area receiving funding close by is the Savannah River Site.

“A billion dollars there to continue the new mission of producing plutonium pits,” said Sen. Graham.

Plutonium pits are one of the key ingredients for nuclear weapons which means it will boost support for the nation's nuclear arsenal. 

Additionally funding has been budgeted for cleaning up radioactive waste on the site.

Another section of the spending package: one million in funding to expand the Aiken Technical College Nursing Program. 

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