WRENS, Ga. (WFXG) - One family-owned bake shop in Jefferson County is serving up warm, homemade treats from its kitchen. 

The grandchildren of the Peters family who used to own the Lil Dutch House right down the road are keeping the family recipes alive at Flour and Grace Bake Shop. It's a must stop when driving through Wrens.

"Grandma won't let us tell what the seasonings are," owner Kaitlyn Unruh laughed. "She's kind of stingy with her recipes."

The smell of giant cinnamon rolls covered in a powdered sugar glaze overwhelms your senses when you walk in the door.

The ladies at the shop get started early, baking from scratch.

Their ham and cheese rolls are the number one order at the counter.

"They have a little bit of spice. But, it's cheddar cheese and cubed ham and it's the same cinnamon roll dough. It's kind of a sweet dough. So a combination of sweet and savory," Unruh explained.

Unruh said they made about 1,500 of them the first week they opened.

However, don't expect them to give away all their secrets in the Peters family cookbook.

"On uncle Jeff's wing sauce recipe, he left out one ingredient," Unruh said. "So, nobody knows his exact recipe. Even I don't!"

Down the road, Unruh hopes her kids want to carry these recipes on.

"I love it. And I want them to learn to like it. Or hopefully," she smiled.

Unruh's grandparents, Wanda peters and the late Larry Peters, created most of the recipes.

On Saturdays, Flour and Grace Bake Shop sells pulled pork and chopped brisket sandwiches with a side of pasta salad.

Flour and Grace Bake Shop is located at 703 South Main Street in Wrens.

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