AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - We're getting closer to Masters Tournament week, which means extra attention on the Garden City. Officials and local shelters are getting boots on the ground in preparation for the busy time ahead by addressing cleanliness and helping people experiencing homelessness. 

"We always work in the Washington Road corridor," said Shawn Hargis-Rhodes, Richmond County Marshal's Office.

Lots of visitors, lots of work to do in Augusta especially along Washington Road. Over the weekend, a large amount of trash was spotted behind Carraba’s. Tuesday, some of it was found in garbage bags in the parking lot. In response, the city is calling on you to speak up.

"If you know, it’s still, garbage, illegal dumping of sorts…I mean, it’s not usually until we get on site until we may or may not a homeless encampment. But, if there’s any large amount of trash in any one location, we want to know.” said Hargis-Rhodes.

Meantime, Masters Week means some people experiencing homelessness won’t have a place to stay. That's because some choose to stay in hotels throughout the year, but the hotels need the rooms for out of town guests.

"Of course they don’t have a home, and they aren’t able to stay in the hotel and motel they’re used to staying in," explained Hargis-Rhodes.

That’s where places like Garden City Rescue Mission come in.

“We have a lot of fellas that end up getting employed through the masters through the week, and it’s nice for them to be able to get a little bit of money which sometimes helps them get back on their feet,” said Patrick Feistel, Garden City Rescue Mission Executive Director.

Feistel says the need hasn’t stopped, and will only grow in a couple of weeks. 

"I would say it’s been at least a year we have been full, we’ve been turning people away just about on a nightly basis... There’s going to be a lot of people coming into town that don’t really have a place, I think that always increases our homeless population.” said Feistel.

"No one person…no stories are alike. They’re all different.” said Hargis-Rhodes.

Meantime, the rescue mission has almost finished securing their facility, with hopes to increase their reach to anyone who needs it.

"We want to expand this ministry to where we can house more people in the future, but first signing the papers on this property is the first step.” said Feistel.

Wednesday, Augusta Traffic Engineering holds a press conference on their Masters Week traffic plan. FOX54 will be there.