Bamberg, S.C. - (WFXG) Today is the first day of tornado season and it has been nearly two months since an E-F 2 tornado tore through Bamberg.

The cleanup process in Bamberg has been slow following the EF-2 tornado that moved through the area on  Jan. 9.

"It's up to the building owners, now in that regard. We did not receive the funding from FEMA. We had a $9.4 million threshold to meet. We were around $3.4 million around a $3 million mark," explains Corey Ramsey, Bamberg City Council. 

Local restaurant owners of  Rusty and Paula's say they saw nothing but the shell of their building in the tornado aftermath. 

"Well, my heart dropped. Because we had just come back and we just remodeled before we came back so was like devastation from a fire that we had six months ago not to a tornado," expressed Paula Dyches. 

From a fire to a tornado, this local joint has been through a lot and has seen no federal assistance to offset its costs. 

"Well it affected me for two months, We will open up on the tenth, so about two months to the day", says  Dyches.

The restaurant owners announced on their Facebook Page they are doing a fundraiser.

Today is the first day of tornado season.  In 2024 alone, there have already been two tornados in the CSRA.

Knowing the difference between a watch and a warning is important, and taking shelter when appropriate can be the difference between life and death. 

Bamberg has put a new ordinance in place and is charging businesses a fee to those who have not cleaned up properties off roads.

"We are charging and fining those individuals 100 dollars a day so we can make sure to get this road back open safely, and with the sense of urgency so we can make sure money keeps flowing in this area and other areas, explained Ramsey.

The city is still working to get federal funding and individual Grants.