AUGUSTA, Ga. - An Ecuadorian family is bringing new age coffee to your cup in Augusta's Summerville neighborhood.

Cesar Schettini takes his time making a drink just perfect.

"We don't go very fast. But, you know what I mean? It's not about how fast we go. We're like a little different when it comes to that," Schettini told FOX54.

Their Ecuadorian coffee beans are roasted into a hot or iced cup of coffee.

"Everything is house-made. The coffee beans, they come from Ecuador and they roast it in Athens," Schettini said.

Their house-made ingredients to make your coffee a little sweeter.

"People drink it and they say, oooh, I can taste the rose, but I can also taste the coffee," Schettini said.

Their rose syrup is mixed in their drink "Ambato", named after a city in Ecuador.

"All our crafted drinks can be served hot or iced," Schettini said. "We actually workshop both of them, both flavors, both temperatures at the same time."

The process of making a good cup of coffee goes way back in the family that runs the shop.

"I remember, you know, fond memories of my grandma roasting her own beans, you know, over a fire and a big, big, you know, metal sheet, like a metal sheet kind of pan. So, it's always been in my family. The process of a good cup of coffee's always been in my family," Schettini said.

At Relic Coffee Company, a cup of coffee can be paired with a baked treat.

Their "gusanito" is a soft, baked bread filled with brown sugar, cinnamon and butter.

Relic Coffee Company doesn't have any Wi-Fi, because they want you to enjoy conversation while you sip your coffee.

The shop is on Monte Sano Avenue and is open every day of the week.

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