COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. - It's a crowded candidate field competing for the District 125 house seat. Which was formerly held by current Columbia County Superior Court Judge Barry Fleming.

John Turpish is one of the five candidates running for the open seat. He's been a resident of District 125 for three years.

His platform covers defending the guard, justice reform, and monetary metals.

Turpish explains why he believes defending the guard in Georgia is so important. 

"That just says it's against the law to deploy Georgia's National Guard to a foreign combat zone unless there's a declaration of war," Turpish said. 

Expanding businesses in Georgia is a hot topic. Turpish suggests that occupational licensing is a great start. 

"Anytime we can get the state out of the way and people trying to be productive, and do something with their lives. We should try to do that. I think that is a great first step" Tuprish explained.

Tuprish believes he can take the state of Georgia in a new direction.

Early voting is available through  February 9th with Election Day coming up on Tuesday. 

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