Georgia's House District Seat 125 Special Election

Wednesday, February 7th 2024, 11:17 PM EST

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. - Georgia's House Representative District 125 seat is open. This comes after Barry Fleming stepped down to take on a new role as Columbia County's Superior Court Judge. FOX54 is profiling each candidate ahead of the February 13th election.

Currently, five candidates are running for that spot. 

CJ Pearson (R) is 21 years old and the youngest candidate running for the house seat. "I think it's time for a new generation of America's first leadership and that is why I am running in this race," Pearson said. 

Pearson is running to keep Georgia, Georgia and protect the traditional values as a conservative fighter for the people. click here to learn more about his campaign. 

Kay Turner (D) is an entrepreneur, mother, and advocate for the community. Her platform covers advocacy for women, quality education, and quality healthcare for all. 

Turner told FOX54, "I decided to run because I feel like effective representation is important. Not only for my community but for the state of Georgia all together". 

click here to learn more about her campaign. 

Gary Richardson (R) has served as Columbia County's District 3 Commissioner since 2015. He is now running as a Republican in the District 125 Special Election. As a Butler High School and Georgia Southern graduate, Richardson and his family moved to Columbia County where he runs his Sparkle Express Car Wash with eleven locations. 

When asked why the people of McDuffie and Columbia County should vote for Richardson, he said, " We are small business owners, we employ a lot of people. We have served the community for the last 25 years". 

Click here to learn more about his campaign. 

Jim Steed (R), you may know him for Steed's Dairy Farm in Grovetown but now, Steed is one of the five candidates running for the open seat. "Everything that I've done, I've been in the community. I lived here, my family has been here for almost 100 years," Steed explained. 

Steed has served his community on multiple levels from Education to Agriculture. He stressed that it is important to connect with those in the community. "I want to bring representation that people have and the voters together. I mean we are so separate now. the only time we see our representatives is election time," Steed said. 

Click here to learn more about his campaign. 

John Turpish (L), is the only Libertarian candidate running for the house seat. His platform covers defending the guard, justice reform, and monetary metals. "That just says it's against the law to deploy Georgia's National Guard to a foreign combat zone unless there's a declaration of war" Tuprish explained. 

Click here to learn more about his campaign. 

Early voting is available until February 9th with election day following on the 13th. Click here for polling locations.