It's a crowded candidate field, with five candidates running for the seat. That was previously held by the current Columbia County Superior Court Judge, Barry Fleming.

Fox54 is profiling each candidate in the district 125-seat special election. This time we are highlighting Jim Steed. 

"I want to change the way we do things. The way we represent the people in the districts" Jim said. 

You may know him from Steed's Dairy Farm in Grovetown but now, Jim Steed is one of the five candidates running for the open seat.  The Steed family has been residents of District 125 for almost a century.

"Everything that I've done, I've been in the community. I lived here, my family has been here for almost 100 years" Steed explained.

Steed has served his community on multiple levels from Education to Agriculture. He says that it is important to connect with those in the community. 

"So, I wanted somebody that knew the community, that knew the problems that we faced. I kind of fit the bill and I started thinking of that and I said you know I'm going to get in this race," said Steed.

Steed told FOX54 that his priority is to focus on the things that are happening within the district and the community. 

Steed said this is what you can expect from him, "To bring the representation that people have and the voters together. I mean we are so separate now. The only time we see our representatives is election time".

Early voting is available until February 9th with election day following on the 13th.