COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. - Advance voting for Georgia's House District 125 Seat is underway with five candidates running for the spot. The seat became available when Barry Fleming accepted the role of Columbia County Superior Court Judge. 

As a Butler High School and Georgia Southern graduate, Richardson and his family moved to Columbia County where he runs his Sparkle Express car wash with eleven locations.

Gary Richardson has served as Columbia County's District 3 Commissioner since 2015. He is now running as a Republican in the District 125 Special Election.

"...continuing to reduce the tax. The Georgia state tax on, everyone. The income tax, I love to see that rollback. I love to see it eliminated. I don't think it can be done in one quick swoop" Richardson said.

He also said he will be fully supporting law enforcement to help make communities better and safer.  

As a small business owner, Richardson said small businesses and Georgia's economy are his priorities.

"...anything you can do to reduce some of those regulations. I think that's what needs to be looked at and considered," He said. 

Richardson expressed his concerns about illegal immigration in Georgia. He told FOX54 that it is an issue for the Peach State and all of the border states. If elected, he stated he would look into ways Georgia could help support the states that are in need. 

When asked why the people of Mcduffie and Columbia County should vote for Richardson, he said, " We are small business owners, we employ a lot of people. We have served the community for the last 25 years and aid an elected capacity".

Early voting is available until February 9th with election day following on the 13th.