MCDUFFIE COUNTY, Ga. - A new investment in Thomson-McDuffie could help with community safety. Officials are finishing a contract to later install Flock cameras throughout the area.

This technology isn't new to the CSRA, but it will be new to McDuffie County.

Officials look forward to the cameras getting installed soon.

"These have been tremendous investigative tools across the nation,” said Jason Smith, Community Development Director.

Soon, 34 Flock cameras will be installed in McDuffie County.

"So, what these cameras do is essentially every car that goes by, it gets description of and looks at the tag and records the tag,” said Smith.

A $300,00 grant from the state helps make it possible.

"Smaller, more rural communities, their sheriff’s departments, police departments, are always battling budgets for cars, personnel…There’s a myriad of challenges that come with local law enforcement.” said Smith.

The license plate reading technology will cover key areas.

"We started on the outskirts of our community and we looked at the main entry points to McDuffie County, and we hit some of those. Then, we concentrated down from there to Downtown Thomson areas.” said Smith.

“One of our main focuses was on shootings, so that’s where we deployed a majority of the cameras and what we did was choose different check points so that we could get ingress or egress from those areas.” said Cpt. Danny Whitehead, RCSO Field Operations. 

In Richmond County, this technology has helped investigators recover stolen vehicles, identify a person wanted in 5 counties for child molestation and more.

McDuffie County officials look forward to the difference it’ll make there, too.

"We’re excited to get these in place and make our community a safer place.” said Smith.

We'll update you once the Flock cameras are in place.