Improved barracks, housing and childcare coming to Fort Eisenhower

Monday, February 5th 2024, 9:45 PM EST

FORT EISENHOWER, Ga. - Multimillion dollar improvements are underway on Fort Eisenhower from housing to childcare. It’s after two bills got signed into law on capitol hill.

“The Army, Fort Eisenhower and our leadership, we’re going to sink every dollar we can into just improving the quality of life for the servicemember,” said Col. Reggie Evans, Fort Eisenhower Garrison Commander.

Two bills signed into law now translate to more than $70M of investment. You can read about them here and here.

"We were recently approved for about $50M to modernize 2 of our offline barracks starting here next year.” said Col. Evans.

It comes after Senator Jon Ossoff led investigations into conditions on post. The Garrison Commander says leaders are taking it seriously.

"Every time it rains, we’re thinking about barracks, we’re thinking about housing, we’re thinking about the families or the servicemembers that are impacted.” said Col. Evans.

Many barracks on Fort Eisenhower were built in the 70’s and 80’s. Now, they’re slated to meet the new ‘Army standard.’

"It [includes] additional square footage, kitchenettes as well as some living room space.” said Col. Evans.

This joins remodeling & building efforts by Balfour Beatty communities. The most recent investment: $13.5M for Pine Tree Terrace.

"We are really excited about that because that’s going to bring 76 new homes to our junior enlisted population, and that’s something we haven’t had here in quite some time.” said Col. Evans.

Child care access is also expanding on post.

“I’ll even help dig! We’re ready!” said Angela Davis, Child & Youth Services Coordinator: 

$21M will go toward these facilities. This eases a consistent waitlist and opens 132 more slots for children.

"When you look at everything that’s come, you know, the wonderful cyber is here, looking at the growth we have within the community, it has caused our numbers to increase for children needing care.” said Davis.

"We want everyone to be excited about it because we’re attracting that skilled workforce that we need here on Fort Eisenhower to carry out the nation’s mission.” said Col. Evans.