Saluting our Heroes: SFC. Otto Celis

Wednesday, January 31st 2024, 7:20 PM EST

What does baseball and the military have in common? The answer: a soldier dedicated to being a mentor to others.

"I've always had a greater purpose to want to do something more,” said Sergeant First Class Otto Celis, Cyber Center of Excellence, Noncommissioned Officer Academy.

His purpose has taken him all over the world.

"I’ve gotten to go to Korea, Hawaii, Fort Bliss in El Paso – I’m an instructor here now.” said SFC. Celis.

It also brought him here to the CSRA to make a difference.

"There’s nothing really bad I can say about really what I do, I love what I do.” said SFC. Celis.

SFC. Otto Celis is a leader on post and on the baseball field.

"The significance of what a 25 HOTEL does is basically communication. On the battlefield, you can’t communicate, you can’t send messages, you can’t really do anything. So, we provide messages to everyone on the field," said SFC. Celis, "I have two children; my son is fixing to be 10-years-old. He decided one day he wanted to play baseball, so we picked it up. I have a strong passion because I play high school baseball and it led me back into coaching so – I actually coach the National South Carolina Baseball team.”

He believes both teach similar values.

"Whether you’re on the military or baseball field, life in general, you’re going to make mistakes – it's what you do from those mistakes that builds your character.” said SFC. Celis. 

When his service ends, he’s got other big plans in mind.

"When I retire one day…to go to law school. I already have a master’s degree the Army paid for so might as well pursue further education.” said SFC. Celis. 

FOX54 salutes SFC. Otto Celis.

"In the military, I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of mentors that showed me how to do things the right way, and it’s something that I take pride in showing my students at the school house do things the right way. Even with youth baseball players, showing them how to do things proper and fundamentally correct.”