It’s more than just a uniform and a badge. For a Fort Eisenhower soldier, these hold deeper meaning: every time he puts them on, he has a big goal in mind to be the change.

“I always wanted to do law enforcement and do the right thing, and help the community and help people you know, in times of need.” said Sgt. Julian Rodriguez, Fort Eisenhower Military Police.

Assist. Protect. Defend. These are words found on this sergeant’s patrol car and lived by heart.

“There’s a downside to being a military policeman – it’s being that first responder to people at their lowest moments, right? But, it’s also rewarding in the fact that I get to help them. I get to help bring them up and pull them out of that terrible situation.” said Sgt. Rodriguez.

Sergeant Julian Rodriguez works as a Traffic Accident Investigator with Fort Eisenhower Military PD.

"It’s a difficult thing. So, when I am able to successfully accomplish it, I, you know, it’s a very rewarding feeling.” said Sgt. Rodriguez.

Sgt. Rodriguez recently moved from Fort Stewart, but he’s not new to the badge.

"[I've] been here since September 2021,” said Sgt. Rodriguez, "I’ve always been a 31 BRAVO Military Policeman. I started off my training over at Fort Leonard Wood and then from there I went to Fort Stewart as my first duty assignment.”

His Army story begins with his childhood, wanting to see better for his community and himself.

"As much as I loved Lorain, Ohio, it wasn’t the best. There was a lot of drugs and violence which…I’m thankful for Lorain, because it made me who I am, but I wanted to get out there and explore new opportunities.” said Sgt. Rodriguez.

This is a career he loves so much – he says he wouldn’t change a thing.

"Whether I continue in the traffic section, or if iI continue just as a normal police officer, this is something I want to do.” said Sgt. Rodriguez.

FOX54 salutes SGT. Julian Rodriguez.

"I want to be that change and encourage my soldiers to be that change as well...It’s just a great feeling. I’m proud to be a military policeman.”