AUGUSTA, Ga. - Laney Walker Boulevard is torn up after a train derailed early Thursday morning. Allen homes residents and nearby workers say the road closure has made it tougher to get around the area.

Early Thursday morning Laney Walker residents heard a loud noise.

It was a train coming off its tracks right under the Gordon Highway bridge.

 “It really sounded like an earthquake, like I really didn’t know what was going on, I just heard all the loud noises and it was kind of scary,” said resident Destiny Yancy.

According to CSX, all of the cars stayed up right and in line. There were no injuries reported or leaks of any freight.

However, Laney Walker boulevard is now shut down between 5th street and new savannah, causing a headache to Allen Homes residents and workers.

Derrick Bennett, who works nearby, said, “Had to take the long way, you know to come to work, take the long way to go around, detours and stuff like that, a lot of noise.”

“The traffic area where everybody been coming through, this way to this way right here, they have to turn around and go back the other way,” said resident, Carl Whitehead.

The train has been removed, but the road has seen better days.

CSX crews have started the cleanup process and worked most of the day on Friday.

Residents say the work has made their mornings a little louder than usual.

“It’s been going on, every morning, pretty loud noises,” said Yancy

The road closure is expected to cause traffic to back up for several days.

CSX and the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the cause of the derailment. 

We will keep you updated on this story.