Augusta Technical College is working to help local companies find workers.

Twenty companies were at the event looking to fill open positions for students and the community. It comes as many companies are in need of employees, especially in the healthcare industry.

Pamela Nelson, a registered nurse at Pruitt Health, says she hopes the Career Fair helps the Health Care Industry.

"Of course, you know there's a nursing shortage in the state of Georgia and all over the world, so our goal is to try to go in and try to increase those numbers as much as possible. Health Care is such a vital part of the world and a part of our families and workplace, and so our goal is to increase and make that better for the community".

Companies in the CSRA are looking to address those shortages which students are prepared to network.

"I'm actually graduating here soon, so working with some of these people here to get myself into a job and put a good word in for me the second I get out of college, so yeah, actually," explained Jacob Golding, an Augusta Tech student. 

Augusta Tech also has a One Stop Career Center, which is equipped to help students prepare for their job search.
It also offers help with resumes, job searching, and application assistance.

"To see them come in and start feeling really confident about themselves and being able to see when they get a position, they're really excited about it, and then they tell other people about it, then they call in to get services", says Andrea Barns, One Stop Coordinator.

The Vice President of Economic Development for the school says career fairs, such as the one held on Wednesday, are one way Augusta Tech is able to connect qualified workers to quality employers.

"One of the things we really like about career fairs is we get to interact with all the employers, and we get to find out what their needs are, and then we can connect them with Augusta tech resources and students, and we can help them connect with those students and help fulfill their needs for employees says Langham."