AUGUSTA, Ga. - Members of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Augusta are ready for take off. 

Students went to Daniel Field for an aviation academy. This six-week program is designed to teach kids everything about planes from how they take off to the behind the scenes maintenance of an airplane.

 “I want to really share with kids who might not otherwise see airports and see airplanes and see control towers and places like that to show it to them and show them how exciting it can be and also like there’s really good jobs that are at those places and so that’s the goal,” said one of the program coordinators and local attorney, Austin Jackson.

The kids say they have loved learning about planes and it has opened their eyes to various career opportunities in the field of aviation.

Attendee Jada Slater said, “I wanted to learn how planes work so that when I go into the air force I can learn how they work. If they don’t let me drive one because of my eyesight I can at least learn how to work on them and use that maintenance towards fixing them.”

Attendees spent their second week at Daniel Field taking turns in a plane simulator and touring the maintenance hangar, where they learned about how a plane takes off to fly and the parts of the plane.

The students loved sharing their experiences.

 “There’s a whole bunch of buttons and stuff inside the plane. it kind of confused me how pilots and stuff can like get used to all that, that was kind of interesting to me,” said Cameron Limbeck.

The trip to Daniel Field was only the beginning of what the aviation academy has planned. In the coming weeks, students will learn about Augusta Technical College’s Aviation Maintenance Technology program, hear from guest speakers, and finally, they will have the opportunity to fly an airplane.