AUGUSTA, Ga. - A cup of joe and a fresh-baked good - that's what you'll get at the new Trellis Coffee Bar on Walton Way in the heart of the Medical District. The shop has four owners, all with deep roots in Augusta.

Trellis Coffee Bar has been open for three to four months. "It's been great. We're bustlin' every single day," manager Jessica Gaugush said. "Between the medical campus, we have a lot of students that come in here, moms, bible study groups, book clubs, it's really cool."

And it's not your usual brew, with ingredients all the way from a coffee lab in Arkansas.

Their TCB delight signature latte has hints of cinnamon, honey and vanilla. Their baristas call it a fan favorite. For them, every swirl is art.

"We have a really special and unique menu that really serves everybody from your biggest coffee nerd to your Starbucks girl," Gaugush said.

One of their most "Instagrammable" drinks, the 1902, is infused with lavender and topped with pretty rose petals.

If you're hanging out inside their colorful shop, things might look a little familiar to you.

"It's been really, really fun to have regulars come in and tell us about how they used to get their car serviced here," Gaugush explained. "Yeah, our buildout is actually from an old Texaco service station."

The first thing you see when you walk in is a case of fresh baked goods like foccia, blueberry muffins and Bostock, made in-house.

"So, it's called Bostock, which is a French pastry and basically, it's twice-baked brioche. So, we also make the brioche here in-house," baker Mikaela Fuchs explained. "It's also sourdough-based. It's like a 24-hour process. I just made the dough and it's going to get formed tonight and I'll bake it tomorrow. So, then we slice it and toast it and soak it in a syrup that has orange peels and rum and vanilla extract in it and then it gets almond paste on top, which is also made in house and re-baked and covered in powdered sugar."

Trellis Coffee Bar has big plans for 2024, including adding a drive-thru and catering for special events.

The coffee shop is open every day at 6 a.m. and on Sundays, it opens at 8 a.m.

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