FORT EISENHOWER, Ga. - Do you remember when you first met your role model? For one soldier, it was seeing the servicemen & women of Fort Eisenhower growing up. Ever since, he’s made it his mission to serve our country and this community he calls home.

Major Brandon Brim has served 15 years in the Army. Right now, he works as a Senior Portfolio Manager and Exercise Planner for ARCYBER.

"One of my primary roles is to help organizations that request support for cyber effects to develop their exercise initiatives, their exercise objectives,” said Maj. Brandon Brim, ARCYBER G357.

Translation: It’s a big job with a global reach.

"I think the most important part is it allows us to exercise the things that we’ve trained on, trained with other partners, other nations, other services," said Maj. Brim, "It’s something that challenges me, that’s one of the best things I like about being in the Army.”

Major Brim is a CSRA native. Seeing local soldiers made him want to be one too.

"[I was] born in University Hospital, I believe now it’s called Piedmont. My family hails from Waynesboro, Burke County, moved to the big city of Augusta,” said Maj. Brim, "Growing up right outside Fort Gordon, I mean, while in high school our prom, our military ball was at the Eisenhower Club here on the installation, just knew I wanted to be in the Army.”

It was a drive so strong – it brought him back to Augusta after graduating from Columbus State University.  

"Being back home, what I love about it is, just even with my civic fraternal organization, having an opportunity to give back to the community," said Maj. Brim, “I haven’t looked back. It’s been a joyful ride. I’ve enjoyed every bit of it.”

FOX54 salutes Major Brandon Brim.

"There’s a possibility of promotion for myself and my family, so after that of course we’ll have to change military duty stations so…We’ll wait and see when that time comes!”