BURKE COUNTY, Ga. - They commit to your safety everyday, but recently, three deputies with quick thinking and response stopped a dangerous incident from escalating.

"We have slow days, we have busy days…” said Deputy Charles Gunn, Burke County Sheriff's Office.

Each day is different for these three deputies, but there’s a common thread that ties them together.

“I work for the Crime Suppression Team, we patrol high crime areas, we do some traffic stops, work with narcotics a lot…” said Austin Plueger, Burke County Sheriff's Office, "[Just] trying to change that one life a day, if I can.”

“I love…helping people that can’t help themselves.” said Deputy Charles Schofield, Burke County Sheriff's Office.

"I feel like a superhero, that’s what they make me feel like. They [kids] look up to me and I’m proud to do what I do.” said Dep. Gunn.

Recently, a call for help united them too.

"So, sometimes our shifts work out where we will all be working the same night – it just so happened that we were.” said Dep. Schofield.

Together, they responded to an armed robbery on Independence Drive and arrested the suspect within an hour.

"To know that your partner has your back especially in these times of being in law enforcement, it’s a good thing.” said Dep. Schofield.

Because of attention to detail, they knew where to look and go when the suspect started running.

"I mean, he had a gun he could’ve shot somebody," said Plueger, "and I think just getting one gun off the street helps, especially in that scenario.”

While resolved quickly, it means more than just jumping into action.

"It gives you a warm feeling inside, knowing that the public can go on and sleep peacefully at night.” said Dep. Schofield.

"This is a great community I like working for, for the Sheriff and helping out – trying to make a difference day to day.” said Dep. Gunn.

FOX54 salutes Austin Plueger, Charles Gunn and Charles Schofield.

"We’re not just here to take people to jail. We’re here to help out in any way that we can.” said Plueger.