GROVETOWN, Ga. - One local bakery is creating smiles one dessert at a time with flavors you may not have ever heard of.

At Tippy Cakes Bakery in Grovetown, baker Tiffany Holley means business when it comes to her cakes.

"We have strawberry delight, lemon burst, vanilla buttercream, choc me baby, hot fudge sundae, chocolate chip cookie, birthday bash, sweet potato pie and red velvet," she described.

Holley said her top flavor would have to be the red velvet cakes she makes.

When you walk in, you're stepping into a pink oasis with sprinkles and flowers on the walls.

"I love pink as you can tell," Holley laughed.

It all started when she decorated a Bratz doll-style cake for her daughter's birthday.

"I did this cake," she said. "I bought a little kit from Walmart and I took it to the birthday party and when we got to the birthday party, her grandfather was like who made this cake?"

And he didn't say that in a good way.

"He gave me some money and told me to go to the store and buy his baby a beautiful birthday cake. So, after that, I took the money, I went and bought a cake and so that following Monday, I think I went to Michael's and I signed up for their cake decorating class," she said.

The rest is history. Holley said her favorite part of being a baker is seeing the reactions that come after taking a bite.

"Definitely seeing kids' faces when they see their birthday cakes or they come in and they see cupcakes and they're like, ahhh!"

One unique flavor of cupcake Holley offers is the chocolate chip cookie cupcake. The icing is buttercream with added chocolate chip flavoring and chocolate chip cookies.

"You gotta have buttercream icing," she laughed. 

Holley said she's served thousands of customers since opening. There are plenty of moments that remind her why she became a baker in the first place.

"When we do wedding cakes and just to see how happy someone is on their wedding day, I'm like, this is it," she said.

Tippy Cakes Bakery is down Wrightsboro Road in Grovetown.

Call the shop at (706) 834-1937 or click on this link to order a cake.

Holley also wrote a book called "Bake Your Butt Off" to help new bakers get started with their business.

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