AUGUSTA, Ga. - Violence in the area of a local neighborhood grocery store has residents concerned and community members afraid to speak about it on camera.

Smart Grocery is a local business trying to serve people who live nearby its Wrightboro Road location. It's also seen its share of violent crime. 

On December 11th, Richmond County deputies responded to the Smart Grocery about shots fired with one person down. 

According to the Coroner's Office, that person was identified as 32-year-old Jeremiah Griffin. 

FOX54 asked for incident reports looking at violent crime in that area.  Over the past year, there have been ten incidents of gun violence, including two deadly shootings. 

Shopper, Tommy Burns says young people in the area need a place where they can go to keep them off the streets.

"If they had more for the kids to do and they're not hanging around with nothing to do... It would be better, just give them a role model." Said Burns.

Business owners along Wrightsboro road say violent crime definitely affects their bottom lines. Just like community members, they were also afraid to talk on camera. 

Richmond County Sheriff's Office, Chief Deputy, Calvin Chew says they are doing everything they can to prevent violence in that area.

"We've been pretty much beefing up patrols in that area." Said Chief Deputy Chew.

FOX54 reached out to Commissioner Jordan Johnson, and he says that another business on Olive Road is experiencing the same issues. He plans to address these issues at one of the first commission meetings of 2024.