AUGUSTA, Ga. - Compete against your family and friends by throwing axes at targets, trying to hit the bullseye at Broad Axe Throwing!

The local spot in downtown Augusta can make for a good date night or family game night.

"A lot of people say that it's kind of therapeutic, just, you know, throwing something sharp against the wall," owner Vincent Ingallinera said.

If you thought darts were fun, this is taking that to the next level.

"You're going to take a good, big step towards that 12 foot line, bringing the axe over your head and then straight through," Ingallinera walked us through.

Put your phone down, pick up the axe and become an "axe-pert" with your family and friends.

"They'll do a couple of demonstrations on two different methods of throwing the axe and then as you're throwing, coach you through your particular throwing style, teach you some games and get you throwing competitively against your family and friends," Ingallinera explained.

Axes aren't the only thing flying here. Ingallinera said you can also choose to learn how to throw knives.

He explains, axe throwing is classified as a sport.

"We do compete here. As a matter of fact, I just recently went to the pro-am this month. And I made it to the finals, so you'll see me on ESPN," he said.

If you want to throw, you can make a reservation online or you can walk in, depending on how busy they are.

Broad Axe Throwing is open Wednesday through Saturday.

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