EVANS, Ga. - FOX54 salutes a veteran who still exemplifies army values in a different way. He’s so beloved - this story comes from one of our viewers! Maj. Michael Daversa works at Evans High School, leading the JROTC program. His impact is felt not only with students, but coworkers too.  

"I hope they enjoy my class - not necessarily because of me, but because of the comradery they have…So, I hope they enjoy it.” said Maj. Michael Daversa, Evans High School JROTC.

Maj. Michael Daversa leads the JROTC program at Evans High School, where he’s been touching lives for more than a decade.

"...They learn about teamwork, they learn about community service, leadership and most importantly we teach them about opportunities that are available after high school.” said Maj. Daversa.

Maj. Daversa joined the Army at 18, deploying multiple times - including Desert Storm. He didn’t want to stop serving others after transitioning out.

"I always thought that I’d like to be a teacher," said Maj. Daversa, "It’s a big responsibility. I always try to keep it light and try to teach lessons kind of in a fun way, but I always impress on them that the decisions they make over these next few years are going to really shape their life.”

It's a big responsibility he holds close to the heart.

"What do your students mean to you?” asked FOX54's Abby Bradshaw. 

"...They just, it’s refreshing to see they have their whole lives ahead of them." said Maj. Daversa.

Daversa’s impact doesn’t go unnoticed: from former students to people working next to him daily. 

"I've had a lot of mentors through people that have helped me the past couple of years, but Major [Daversa] I’ve had for 4 years and Sergeant Major 2, and they’ve both been like really good mentors, they’re good people to talk to if you need someone to talk to whether it’s just about school or life,” said Private First Class Jordan Edenfield.

"He’s such a great role model for our kids and does such a wonderful job teaching our kids about the military and all aspects of ROTC.” said Principal Wade White, Evans High School.

“He’s just one best people I’ve got.. Ever gotten to work with even you know, of my 21-year career in the military.” said Sergeant Major Doug Hegyi, Evans High School JROTC.

SGM. Doug Hegyi reached out to FOX54 about Maj. Daversa. A veteran himself, he recognizes strength in his coworker.

"He’s always going to do what is right for the program, for the school," said SGM. Hegyi, “He’s given me the career of a dream.”

FOX54 salutes Maj. Michael Daversa.

"Just means so much to me to have a teacher of such high character and work ethic, you know, those are two attributes that you know our military exemplifies." said Principal White.