AUGUSTA, Ga. - She's a Veteran serving Veterans, and now she’s one with a national award next to her name for that very dedication.

“I took an oath when I was 18 years old to never leave a man behind, and what that means to me is my fellow serviceman.” said Dondra Faison, Charlie Norwood VA Nurse Case Manager.

Dondra Faison works at the Charlie Norwood VA Hospital in Augusta’s Medical District.

"We’re doing transitional case management and what that is, we see the veterans initially when they come in, all veterans, and do an assessment on them and that’s to see if they will need our services once they discharge," said Faison.

She loves her job, so much so, it just got recognized.

“Being in the field of nursing has always been my passion," said Faison, "It’s a high like no other..”

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs honored Faison with its National Hero Award for her contributions to VA's journey to high reliability. It’s the highest level of HERO recognition available within the Veterans Health Administration.

“It was just for my veterans. You know? I just wanted this for the veterans and…It means so much. It’s not just me, it’s my team also.” said Faison.

Her passion for service hits close to home: a Veteran herself, married to a Veteran, daughter of a Veteran and mother of an Airman.

“My baby! She’s the military police of the Air Force," said Faison, "She’s so proud to wear that uniform, because both her mommy and daddy wore it.”

That's why it makes nursing at the Charlie Norwood VA so special for her.

“I always tell the Veteran thank you for your service. They say no, thank you for your service. So, we always end with that. That’s…that’s… a connection.” said Faison.

FOX54 salutes nurse and Army Veteran Dondra Faison.

“He [Her father] said make sure you take care of your veterans, and to continue to do what I’m doing.”

Next, Faison plans to get her masters in case management and continue serving veterans.