GROVETOWN, Ga. - Three suspects have been charged with trafficking of methamphetamine and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute after police say they planned to use a drone to get drugs inside a prison facility.

Grovetown Police Department says Gerald Jiminez, 28, and Joslynn Apaisa, 26 were walking near Augusta State Medical Prison property when the pair were stopped and questioned by police. During the investigation, Isreal Walters, 28, approached the scene.

A search of Jiminez's backpack revealed a drone, outfitted with a hook and release mechanism, as well as over a pound of methamphetamine and a pound of marijuana.

Jiminez and Apaisa admitted to being in the area with intentions of sending the drugs into the prison via drone. Police say they believe Walters may have been acting as a lookout.

Additional charges may be forthcoming.  This story is developing.