AUGUSTA, Ga. - Providing turkeys to tables that need it most this holiday season. The Annual James Brown Turkey Giveaway happened earlier this morning. An event that feeds hundreds of families each year.

"We're just thankful that we can do our part. Thankful to our sponsors. Scripture tells us, 'did you feed me' and we did our part today." Said Deanna Brown-Thomas, President of The James Brown Family Foundations and the daughter of James Brown.

Continuing a 30-year legacy of giving and fellowship that started before the Godfather of Soul's death in 2006. The James Brown Family Foundation aims to keep his legacy of giving back, alive.

"For us, it's just what we do to give back because we know that you have to give back." Said Dr. Yamma Brown, The Vice President of The James Brown Family Foundation and the daughter of James Brown.

Families lined up in their cars at the James Brown Arena parking lot for the annual turkey giveaway. 

Deanna Brown Thomas says they are thankful to be able to give food to the people who need it most. 

"The cost of everything is up. It's really hard on seniors, with inflation it makes it really hard and most of our participants are seniors." Said Brown-Thomas

Drivers received their turkeys as well as a 40-pound box of nonperishable items from Golden Harvest that included pasta, fruits, and canned goods. 

Abby Muehlfeld the Vice President of Marketing says that they are happy to partner with the James Brown Family Foundation for the fourth time.

"...we are blessing 210 families with turkeys and boxes of food." Said Muehlfeld. 


Volunteers were 'feeling good' to be giving back to their community and helping others who are in need. 

Sydney Lumar, James Brown's Granddaughter, says she's been doing this since she was a little girl.

"It's very impactful. It makes me want to be a true humanitarian." Said Lumar. 

The foundation received a check from Aetna Better Health. Those funds will help with the event itself and will go toward the next event, The James Brown Toy Giveaway.

"It's amazing to see so many people come out to support the cause. For the community to be able to receive the turkey for Thanksgiving." Said Shakela Williams, Lead Community Strategist for Aetna.

The Brown Family say that they hope to see this event continue to grow over the years.  The next event for them will be The Annual James Brown Toy Giveaway. For more information on how to register, click here