Augusta Museum of History's annual delicious exhibit

Sunday, November 19th 2023, 3:43 PM EST

AUGUSTA, Ga. - The Augusta Museum of History debuted its annual Holiday Gingerbread Village.

This historic-themed gingerbread wonderland is created by local artist and bakers. They represent historic landmarks and structures in Georgia and South Carolina, such as Sacred Heart Catholic Church, The Charles Hammond House and the Archibald Butt Memorial Bridge.

People stopped by to check out these delicious and stunning structures.

 “Gingerbread houses! Yeah, I ate that church right there,” said Kira Collingan

Two gingerbread village visitors stumbled upon the exhibit on their way back to Florida from Columbia. 

Tucker and Evelyn frequent local museums when they travel somewhere new and were in awe.

Evelyn says, “The attention of the detail work in a lot of these is fantastic. There’s so many little flourishes and the creative ways they made different materials. At first, I didn’t realize these were gingerbread, some just look like an art piece.”

After seeing these gingerbread structures of local landmarks, Tucker and Evelyn might make more pitstops on their way back home.

“I mean we came to the local history museum and to see local history being presented in the medium of food, just brings a dumb smile to your face. Now I kind of want to stop at that church over there, you know, experience the local sites we don’t get to see from being out of town,” said Tucker.

Each of these creations are up for silent auction. Guests are encouraged to vote for the people’s choice award.

The display is in the museum rotunda and is free to the public. The gingerbread village will be open through November 26th.