AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. - UPDATE: The owner of Hilltop C&D, LLC, Tom Fox, says the proposed landfill would be next to the old Aiken county landfill instead of on top of it, as previously indicated. Further, he says the buffer waiver presented at Aiken county zoning is for 11.9 acres.


Some neighbors say they are concerned about a landfill coming to Warrenville. Tuesday night, a townhall was held about the proposal giving residents an opportunity to ask questions and voice their concerns - which were many.

It was held at Faith Independent Baptist Church.

"We’re here ‘til your questions are asked and answered," said Kevin Pethick, Attorney.

The discussion started at 6:30 in the evening and lasted until just about 9.

“I’m going to put it in this phrasing as I’m in a church. You planting Kool-aid down my back and telling me it’s water. I know better.” said a resident.

“Our children deserve a future that you’re taking away from us.” said another resident.

The plan is to build on top of an old landfill from many years ago. People say they’re concerned because the 500-acre property backs up to houses and sits next to Jefferson Elementary School.

The private landfill is said to be strictly for construction materials, but residents are weary.

"You can’t control the air, and this will, when asbestos gets wet, it’s highly toxic. It’s going to smell like rotting eggs, it can cause breathing issues," said a resident.

The company came before Aiken County Planning and Development requesting the buffer zone to be reduced from 300 feet to 100 feet from any property line.  During Tuesday night's meeting, representatives stated that’s for a corner of the property deemed ‘unsafe’ – so they can address it. They’d start putting materials there, and wouldn’t move further into the property for about 20 years.

"This is a sheer cliff, and if you’ve ever been over in this area you’ll see there’s beer cans and all kinds of things – very unsafe.” said Pethick.

They also said they’d follow all DHEC regulations and keep their word, too.

“We don’t anticipate asbestos, it’s not our business. We don’t take it now, we haven’t. We can tell you we’ve operated in compliance to date.” said Tim Fox, Hilltop C&D Rep.

Next, the company plans to take the concerns into consideration and likely hold another public session.