FORT EISENHOWER, Ga. - You could call this soldier ‘Wonder Woman.’ She comes from a family of strong women, now raising some herself, while also being a leader in the US Army.

"If I had the opportunity to influence at least one person and one person only, like, I’d be head over heels already. Because, you know, when they hear my name, I want other leaders to say, and soldiers, especially the soldiers to say oh, I know Sergeant Hernandez.” said Sergeant First Class Melissa Hernandez, 15th Signal Brigade, Fort Eisenhower.

She wants to be your 'go-to' leader, but she’s already someone to lean on.

"I currently work for the Signal Corps Regimental Command Sergeant Major, Sergeant Major Barrett, and I am his Executive Administrative Assistant, so just like his, you know, personal assistant," said SFC. Hernandez, "And he’s the face of all the Signal leaders.”

SFC. Hernandez came to Fort Eisenhower to be an instructor. The Army had bigger plans.

"One of my Sergeant Majors, he encouraged me to interview to be the Executive Administrative Assistant for Sergeant Barrett. At first I was like, well, I didn’t see myself doing that type of thing…But, once a senior leader sees that initiative in you – you kind of can’t say no.” SFC. Hernandez.

She’s not done yet.

"Short term, I’d like to be a First Sergeant. That is something that I definitely want to do. I want to be in front of soldiers," said SFC. Hernandez, "I’d like to be that change.”

SFC. Hernandez comes from Houston, Texas as a first generation American.

"My parents are Mexican immigrants. They came here 30-something years ago. Because of them, I am where I am today," said SFC. Hernandez, "My mom, a year ago, she earned her citizenship pretty much after my whole career of trying... I felt prideful, you know? I think we both cried." 

I know for a fact she’s my person... I do it for her, you know, but I have two daughters, 8 and 4, and now its my turn to show them like, no you can do it.” said SFC. Hernandez.

As she learns strength from her mother, she plans to pass it on to her daughters.

"At school, any little project, any little things that they have to do, who’s your hero? It’s always mommy... It makes me very proud because I know I’m raising two beautiful and strong independent little women, so I just want them to see like their dad is big and strong, but so is their mom.” said SFC. Hernandez.

FOX54 salutes Sergeant First Class Melissa Hernandez.

"Whether it’s 110 degrees outside, or snowing and raining, whatever needs to get done, I’m going to be there to help them accomplish the mission.”