Once again, time for a one on one segment. We are joined by coach Charley Waters with Jenkins County. Coach, what a great season. You can't argue with the record. Not an overall and three and oh in the region you've got a huge game I say you're undefeated it comes down to one game against portal both of y'all three in the region. What are your thoughts heading into this one?

Not to run the football and not turn it over. Number one, they have a very dynamic offense. They've got some great players. They've got a good offensive line defensive line up here in the film. And they're really playing good ball as of late and they can score some points really fast.

Yeah, you were you were telling me earlier they've got quite a tight end who's committed to the University of Florida and they've got some big time weapons that I know that you're keyed up for. How do you deal with players like that? Is it more of a team concept that ganging up on him?

Well, you try to try to do your best you can with him and he's going to make some catches that every night, every film. I've seen him make great catches. And then you also have to deal with a quarterback who is very elusive, very fast, gets all over the place. And then they also have a couple of good running backs and some other good receivers that they use. So they're very going to spread us out and we just have to tackle. We'll try to keep them in front of us.

What's it been like though, Coach? I know you want to keep rolling. You don't want to, you know, knock on wood, jinx anything, but not in. What has it been like this year to be part of a team that obviously you coach special teams throughout your career. But this has got to be up there. I mean, I mean, when you roll in at nine and oh.

Yeah, it's been a great, great bunch of kids. The coach, I mean, we go one game at a time. We don't really talk about it a lot, but.

It's for the media to talk.

About, right? Yeah. I mean, they, they tend to just go and play as hard as they can and we just talk about just playing the game and don't get caught up in a lot of that stuff.

Yeah, and they do a good job of it and has so far this year.

Has it been fun for you? You were saying you've been with the school since the late 1990s. It's got to be fun when you're driving around town and you know everybody here.

Yeah. So it's been awesome. I mean, you know, I've been here coaching for a long time and got to coach with some great coaches and some great teams that didn't get to go, No, no, no. You know, it's just it's just fortunate when you get to do it. I mean, things just roll your way. Seems like some type of coach and good teams here have been a lot of good teams here. Yeah. And but this is this is one is just things that went away.

Let's talk about some of the guys that really contributed. Well, a rub. Travis County senior running the ball really well for y'all. And I know that you rely on the running game quite a bit. Tell us about him.

He's a big back up. Ron's down here. Well, you know. Very, very strong as. Just great. Running back, just get downhill knows how to run football and. Got some other backs, got great offensive line in front of him, young guys that really were our point. We got some other skill guys that can run it too.
Tyrone Martin the quarterback, our.

Own Martin place, some quarterback. He plays everywhere. You play a bet, he can play fullback, he can, he can play anywhere and he is something special.

Speaker 1: So here we go. Friday night against Portal, both of all three, you know, in the region what you all need to do to win this thing and take home that region championship.

We have to better do what we do best and that's run the football and and be able to create, oh, maybe create some turnovers on defense. Hopefully we've been able to do that some this year. We definitely can't turn the ball over against Paul. We can't get penalties, get behind the chains, We will throw the ball. And. We just have to play. Very good, Very good defense.
Jenkins Coach Charley Waters. Coach, thanks for your time. We appreciate good luck on Friday. All right.