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THE SCORE: 1 on 1 with Laney Head Coach Ronnie Baker

Friday, October 27th 2023, 10:54 PM EDT

Once again for our one on one segment here on the score, Fox 54 coach Ronnie Baker with Laney Wildcats. Coach, great to be with you. Got a big game coming up against Putnam County. What should we expect from you guys but also from Putnam County? You guys fight now for second place in the region.

Biggest thing is you're going to have two teams that are really going to play hard and really deserve to be in this spot. They don't play the way to this, you know, disposition. And Friday night is going to be a great atmosphere. Teams are going to come out and play hard. You know, the team that wins the game is going to be the team that dominates the line of scrimmage, offensive line and defensive line and be able to run the football. And, you know, we just want to make sure we are technique, sound and mentally we prepared for the event. I mean, the plays that we have to make.

: You know, it's been said the offense sells tickets but I want to focus on your defense. Wow. The last two games, two shutouts in a row. Not every day, especially in this day and age, to shut out a team, if you will, focus on your defense. What are you all doing? Well, to shut these folks out.

The biggest thing we're doing on defense is taking care of the defense line, Our defensive line. We started three sophomores and now that need coming to age. And you know, later on in the season, we get back healthy and we just able to control the line of scrimmage. And Jalen Shell has made a big impact on us at the linebacker position and it is key for always, always the key for us is tackle how we tackle the football career is dependent on, you know dictates how we play defensively. In the last couple of games, we've just been taking care of business fundamentally in assignment.

How does a defense match up against Putnam County? Because obviously this every game is huge. But coming up into the playoffs, obviously you guys want to do what it takes. So, you can sum up that second spot in the region.
That's a big thing that Putnam kind of likes to run the ball. And our first key to defense is stopping the run. So, it's a big test for us. The big one come in and try to pound rock on us. They have two explosive running backs that get the job done for them. And so we're going to line up, try to make sure we line up right, read our keys and make sure we make fundamental tackles.

You know, Coach, oftentimes the media and fans like to focus on the marquee players, the quarterback running back, wide receiver. But you were saying one of the higher highly decorated players for you is is on the line. Tell us about him. Yeah.

Chance Busch is one of, a phenomenal player, four-year starter, for us so he leads us as team captain and he used to do everything guy when we need a big play on defensive line he's the one making the calls and offensive line. He makes the call for us and then he's grading out how every Friday night after the game. You know when coaches get together we great great players out of what he did on the field. He's usually the guy with the highest grade. So, you know, we kind of lean on him for a lot. And as a captain, as a senior, he's, you know, done a great job for us. And not only is he a great football player, but academically smart guy, he's doing it in the classroom and he's everything that you can ask for in a football player.
Laney, head football coach Ronnie Baker. Coach, thanks for your time. Best of luck against Putnam County.

Thank you very much. And thank you for coming out goal line.
All right, go Wildcats




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