Our weekly in-depth segment takes us to the home of the Red Raiders.

Here we go. Once again, our one on one segment. Corey Crosby, head coach, Bamberger, hard coach. It is great to see you. We've enjoyed making the drive here your second year as a head coach. Great season so far. Seven and one. And I was looking at the offense coach averaging 57 points a game the last four games. You said at some point during the season, things just started.

To click for you. Yeah, well, you know, we had a bye week. My office staff came in. Kids kind of brought in to the system. You know, football, not high school staff so fast. So, you know, we had a bye. We got a chance to slow everything down and says, Damn, man. Kids will be picking up in our office. It just went skyrocket.

So are you freeing these guys jet fuel? What's what's the difference here?

Oh, man, it is. It is so much talent. I mean, our kids, we got receivers, running backs, quarterbacks. We I mean, all of them like doing well. They just Jalen and right now just having fun. Our kids is having fun in it is they just taking it in and every game and just isn't a good word for.

Yeah sounds sounds like it. Seven in one overall to own the region undefeated big game coming up Friday night against Allendale Fairfax you were telling me they started slow but they've they've come on and they're big guys.

Big guys I mean offensive line is they big man is scrawny physical a running back run will play good defense so my kids got to really come in and have his own right and be physical at that point of attack. We tell our kid just make sure we have not gaps and we should be fine. But yeah, they're beating.

So I understand you're familiar with the quarterback. What is it like to coach your son?

You know, I try to not I try to get a guy to coach. The man, you know, is is you know, I'm not I'm not an offensive guy. So, you know, that's a good thing. Yeah. I have offers of an assistant offensive coordinator, great fan that he do a great job with. But it's fun watching them play. You know, it's fun watching them, but, you know, you sometimes got to get on them and that's the hard part of it. But it's great is watching him play.

And watching him grow. You're taking someone obviously you would try to mold is a great young man as well and just see him. He's a guy has a verbal commitment now to Georgia State. It's got to be fun for you, not only as a football coach, but as a father. I know you've got to be proud, even though you use you have to keep in mind that he has a long way to go and you want him to keep maturing.

Yeah, I mean, it is Watching him go from his ninth grade year to now is amazing. But he got a lot of talent around him, too. You know, that's the good thing about it. I mean, he got receivers Anthony Williams, Isaiah Johnson, Adam Meyers, Jamie down and running back Nick Foles. And I mean he got a lot of talent around him that makes him stand out. But the other kids are just great with it, you know?

All right, Coach, thank you so much for your time. No problem. And best of luck on Friday night.

Thank you so much.

You bet.