PERRY, GA - Cows and goats from across Georgia are hanging out at the Georgia National Fair this year for you to pet.

At the Georgia National Fair in Perry, you can meet the animals and the hard working farmers behind them.

Georgia's Mobile Dairy Classroom coordinator Nicole Duvall brought a one week old calf to the fair for the kids to pet.

She says little ones shouldn't stick their tongues out at learning about animals.

"Well, we need to know where our food comes from. It doesn't come from the grocery store and also we need to respect our farmers and appreciate what they do," Duvall said.

Inside the beef dairy barn, The Dairy Alliance is handing out fresh milk, straight from cows in Waynesboro.

Also at the fair, young farmer Adelyn Smith from Veal Farms knows a thing or two about goats.

She said their goat Camelia isn't her favorite, but their goat Dove is.

"She's aggravating. Dove on the other hand, I can make her do anything," Smith told FOX54.

If you want to stop by and pet the goats or cows, the Georgia National Fair will be in town in Perry until Sunday, Oct. 15.